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809 F322
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Writing and madness : (literature/philosophy/psychoanalysis) / Shoshana Felman ; translated by Martha Noel Evans and the author, with the assistance of Brian Massumi ; appendix translated by Barbara Johnson.
Table of Contents

Table of Contents
   The Story of the Book Seen Retrospectively: Preface to the New Editionp. 1
   Introduction: Writing and Madness, or Why This Book?p. 11
   Foucault/Derrida: The Madness of the Thinking/Speaking Subjectp. 35
   Gerard de Nerval: Writing Living, or Madness as Autobiographyp. 59
   Gustave Flaubert: Living Writing, or Madness as Clichep. 78
   Honore de Balzac: Madness, Ideology, and the Economy of Discoursep. 101
   Jacques Lacan: Madness and the Risks of Theory (The Uses of Misprision)p. 119
   Henry James: Madness and the Risks of Practice (Turning the Screw of Interpretation)p. 141
   Madness and the Literary: Toward the Question of the Bookp. 251
   The Literary Thing (Interview with Jacques-Alain Miller)p. 259
   The Literary Thing, Its Madness, Its Power (Interview with Philippe Sollers)p. 263

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