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White Star : a dog on the Titanic / by Marty Crisp.


Sam Harris is on the voyage of a lifetime, traveling to New York on the "Titanic". The gigantic ship has every luxury Sam could think of, but there's only one thing that Sam really wants--the Irish setter on board, named White Star. But White Star belongs to the owner of the White Star Line--he'll never be Sam's. One freezing cold night Sam is jolted out of his sleep by a loud noise. When he sees a huge iceberg form his porthole, he knows something is very, very wrong. Whether Sam escapes or not will depend on the bravery of one faithful dog--White Star. The story of the "Titanic" is one of cowardice and courage, despair and determination, and of an unbreakable bond between a boy and a dog on one terrifying, unforgettable night.

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